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Violence in Gay Relationships

Violence in relationships is never desirable, be it a heterosexual relationship or a same sex relationship. Violence in a gay relationship might not be reported to the concerned authorities with a fear of revealing one's identity in the masses. The partner who is on the receiving end feels scared and assumes that the mistake lies on his shoulders in the majority of cases. The fear of law is somewhat minimal in a gay relationship because both the partners are aware of the fact that revealing the accused might alter the lives of both the partners. Due to this the victim often chooses to remain silent and bear the unjustified battering and violence. Unlike a heterosexual relationship, the options of a better partner are negligible in any gay relationship. The victim believes that even-though his partner is oppressing him; he is the only option he has. Finding a better counterpart seems to be tedious, sometimes impossible. 

Financial factor also plays an important role in a gay relationship. Unlike a heterosexual couple, there are no laws relating to bearing the financial burden of the partner if the relationship comes to an end. This boosts up the violence in gay relationships, as the accused knows that he would not be accountable financially and legally. The other area of concern is that both the partners might seek intervention of other individuals of the gay community in their area, but that would further worsen the problem. Starting a new life after deserting the existing partner is nothing less than a dare devil task for an individual. In-spite of the serious consequences of reporting the domestic violence in the gay relationships, there has been an increase in the number of gays seeking legal support. 

The basic agenda in these cases is who would exercise control over the other. The batterer often threatens the victim of disclosing his identity to peers and friends. An increase in the number of HIV positive individuals has also contributed in this serious issue. If one of the partners is an AIDS victim or HIV positive for that matter, he might feel more insecure than other. He would wish to be with his partner till the time he dies, but his counterpart may not have the same perception. Even in a heterosexual couple, the female partner lives in isolation and guilt if the scenario is known to the masses. Then how can one expect a gay individual to live with pride after the entire violence episode is known to the gay community? Unlike the straight women who are victim of domestic violence there is no shelter yet for gay men who are the victims of violence in the gay community.

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