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Gay Dating Violence

Dating violence doesn't just happen to be a part of the heterosexual relationships, but also of the gay relationships. Contrary to the notion that people harbor about men, that they can't be on the receiving end of the abuse, gay men are known to have been victims of dating violence as well as other types of abuse. The reason why it doesn't come out much too often in the open is because of the inherent prejudices that the society fosters against the gays. The phobia of being a victim of the societal biases apart from being subject to abuse from their partner is what prevents the victims from making their sufferings apparent or public. 

You are a victim of dating violence in case your partner happens to be insecure about the relationships that you foster with other males and females, calling you names for your interaction with them. They could attempt to destroy your support system of friends and family. They might also resort to violent means such as kicking, hitting, punching or choking for that matter. There are times when men are also known to stalk. You can figure out that a person happens to be an abuser if while performing a sexual act your partner carries out unreasonable demands and is insensitive to your needs or your comfort level. At times the abuse might translate into an economic one as the abuser might just philander away your hard earned money at his whims and fancies. The abuser will also hold you responsible for every misery that is inflicted on him. 

The relationship between the gays might also be subject to the same rigors as a man-woman relationship, with one of the partner more dominating on violence. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn't just keep on bearing the brunt of being abused. You can choose to talk to a close friend or a confidante about it. This will help you a great deal. 

You can also work it out by developing an alternate support system first, so that even in case you walk out, you happen to have a safe haven to go to. If you decide to go to a counselor make sure that the counselor happens to be gay sensitive. The bottom line here too is same as in normal heterosexual relationship and that is not to suffer the abuse in silence.

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